The Motion Art Studio is well known not only for the high caliber of its students but also for its impressive performances which are put up every two years, usually during February or March. With the aim of offering all our students the chance of taking part in performances of a professional standard, all of our shows have an original scenario and choreography. All the technical aspects, costumes, lighting and scenery, are of a professional standard. The story or the theme of the show has always a positive message in order to inspire the children and the audience. This will help children advance in life by teaching them to put high goals and to do their utmost to achieve them.

Summer presentations

The young classes of Pre-School, Pre-Primary and Primary make a Summer Presentation in our main studio, at the end of the school year. Parents, family and friends are invited to enjoy the young ballerinas in a non-stressful format and in a familiar environment. This gives great joy and satisfaction to both parents and children alike and, at the same time, it prepares the young dancers for the theatre performance.

Parents’ Days

During the year several parents’ days are organized by the School, such as:

  • Open classes - At the end of the 1st and 3rd term, parents are invited to watch the lesson in order to see the progress of their children.
  • Teaching mummy and daddy - A unique event where the parents enjoy their children in the role of the teacher! 
  • Special Daddy Day - Children and their fathers have a great time dancing and improvising together!

Improvisation and choreography lessons

Every other year, when we do not have a performance, the 1st term is dedicated to Improvisation and Choreography. The children are taught how to master improvisation, according to their age and standard. This is done during their normal lesson, through working with various themes such as: parts of the body, space, music, weight, flow or emotions. The older students study the history of ballet and the work of a famous choreographer. The main goal is to develop the creativity and imagination of the students, to boost up their confidence and self-esteem and improve their dancing in general.