Our philosophy is based on core values that we believe are necessary traits in guiding our students in all areas of life, by primarily forming a complete character.

Offering a positive learning experience

Learning to dance should be a positive experience within the life of a child, thus our goal is to train them through a process that stimulates and nurtures their love, interest and enthusiasm for dance. Long years of experience have taught us that the best mechanism for optimal results is to maintain the desire for learning and improving, something that a challenging yet fun, friendly and encouraging environment nurtures. The lessons are suitable for each age group and have the appropriate duration and frequency. Skills are gradually built through methodical teaching, giving motivation and sense of achievement to the students.

Building self-confidence

We believe that self-confidence and self-esteem are important components of a strong personality. A positive way of teaching together with a lot of encouragement and praise, help the students to build high self-esteem.  In our School, we strive to achieve this through student-centered teaching, by motivating the pupils to undertake responsibility for their learning and thus achieving confidence and self-assurance.

Developing self-discipline

Students are motivated to accept the responsibility of nurturing and taking care of their body by warming up before class and cooling down, exercising regularly with Pilates and eating healthy. They are also accountable for their professional attire, being on-time for class and having good attendance throughout the year. Eagerly our students become self-disciplined, something that highlights to us the value of giving them the opportunity for taking personal responsibility, which in turn translates as a habit in all areas of life.

Promoting a non-competitive environment

We motivate our students to set high goals and standards for themselves, while maintaining a close relationship that encourages them to seek help or guidance whenever they need it. Our friendly and non-competitive environment in class encourages students to support and care for each other. As a result, they are able to create strong friendships while learning to respect one another and to be happy for their classmates’ success.

Providing a holistic education

It is important for us to educate young ladies with well-rounded personalities; therefore the focus is not solely on ballet education. Instead we provide seminars on helping them build a positive mindset, on managing stress and on how to condition their health and body. From a young age, our students learn the correct posture and the use of appropriate muscles, involved in classical ballet. This helps them to gradually build a sound technique, an essential asset for a dancer. Emphasis is equally given on the importance of musicality, as well as on the expression and performance skills.