The training each student receives at Motion Art Studio will serve as an excellent basis for further studying abroad. A student with a desire and talent to pursue a career as a professional dancer or teacher would have every opportunity to do so.

The school gives advice and undertakes the preparation of those students who wish to study dance abroad. A DVD is prepared and sent to the various Schools together with recommendation letters from the Director. Graduates of Motion Art Studio have been accepted in various colleges and Universities in Greece, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, while some have been offered scholarships:

  • Christina Sorokou – University of California, Santa Barbara (U.S.A.)
  • Irena Meletiou – Alvin Ailey, Ballet Arts, and Broadway Dance Center (U.S.A.)
  • Harry Mavromichalis – Dance School Copenhagen, Denmark and Alvin Ailey School and at Steps in Broadway (U.S.A.)
  • Rania Charalambidou – Jacksonville University, Magnum Cum Laude (U.S.A.). A company member with Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Sarasota Ballet, Columbia City Ballet, Ballet San Antonio and currently with Boulder Ballet, in Colorado U.S.A.
  • Elena Samara and Theano Makariou (full scholarship) – Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts (United Kingdom)
  • Marina Poyiadji, Penelope Georgiadou, Elina Kakoulli, Anastasia Georgalli – Rallou Manou (Greece)
  • Evita Elia and Konstantinos Katsoudas – State School of Dance (Greece)
  • Angelica Georgiadou – The Laban Centre (United Kingdom)
  • Anastasia Paschali (full scholarship) – Rock School Philadelphia & English National Ballet. Member of the Royal Danish Ballet and currently the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium.
  • Mari Kassapi – Wolverhampton University (United Kingdom)
  • Rafaella Kattou – University of Surrey (United Kingdom)
  • Evi Economou – Professional School of the Greek National Opera (Greece)
  • Charis Georgiou – London Studio Centre (United Kingdom).