Motion Art Studio is located at 40 Zenonos Sozou Street, off Kennedy Avenue, in the center of Nicosia. The building is unique in design was and built in 1990, originally for the purpose of accommodating the ballet school. We offer the finest, state-of-the-art facilities, with two studios which can be joined together when needed: ‘Studio 1’ is 12m x 10m and ‘Studio 2’ is 10m x 6m, both with a high ceiling. They are well lit, equipped with air conditioning/heating, wooden sprung floor covered with Harlequin Cascade dance floor, mirrors, barres, piano, stereo, TV and DVD player. Our waiting area adjoins our changing rooms and is equipped with many amenities, including our Dance Boutique, offering students easy access to our uniform supplies.

As we believe healthy eating is important for the wellbeing of our students, we appropriately provide nutritious and bio/organic snack and drink options from an ‘Etherio Bio Store’ vending machine. The excellent facilities of the Motion Art Studio are often used for auditions and rehearsals whilst the has been for many years the examination venue of the Royal Academy of Dance of London for the Vocational examinations.

New premises

Motion Art Studio is expanding! We are currently renovating a new place which is a three minute walk from the main studio, on the ground floor of the Kennedy Business Center on 12 – 14 Kennedy Avenue. The new premises will include a new dance studio (7,5 m x 11,5 m) and two large, (7 m x 8 m), art studios.