Fitness Training

Part of the ballet lesson is dedicated to build a healthy and balanced body, by preparing it with specific strengthening and stretching exercises, in order to be able to perform safely and more accurately the movements of classical ballet. From a young age, we teach children various exercises that can strengthen their bodies and can make them more flexible. All our students learn Pilates exercises and are encouraged to either practice them on their own or take Pilates classes in our studio.


Senior students, start the year with the ‘6imeroxekinima’, a special six day program, including both practical and theoretical lessons, which aim to help the dancers acquire their fitness shape and to educate the mind in related subjects. Some of the themes of the classes are: anatomy, history of classical ballet, terminology of classical ballet, nutrition, importance of warm-up and cool-down, stress management, positive thinking. All of these help to improve not only the physical but also the mental state of the students, helping them develop into positive and confident adults.

Live piano

All our classes are accompanied by a pianist, something that contributes greatly to the musical education of our students. Live piano allows the teacher to be creative and versatile in her teaching. It is also very important for the flow of the lesson since no time is wasted in searching for the right piece. Beyond the practical aspect that the live piano serves, it also encourages the dancer to develop musicality. Live music makes the dancer listen to what the pianist is playing. We want our students to dance to the correct rhythm, expressing the melody, the texture and the dynamics of the music through movement. As a School we have invested in an enormous collection of books, so that our students are exposed to an array of different music. This priceless privilege allows our students the right to diversify and develop their own personal expression.

Expression and performance skills

In order to develop these skills, which are vital for a dancer, we work in various ways, through special games and exercises. Our drama teacher offers special guidance and works with the students, thus helping them to express the right dynamics and emotions of the music.

Further Dance Experience

The students of the School are encouraged to take part in summer schools and auditions for performances outside the School. They are also prepared to take part in ballet competitions. Students of the Motion Art Studio have taken part in performances of Ballet Cyprus and Dance Cyprus. A lot of them have been chosen to be part of the Lefkosia Youth Ballet. Also, students