Motion Art Studio celebrated 20 years of dancing at an exhilarating street party on 29th April, 2011. Former and new students re-united to celebrate, rejoice and enjoy a fascinating voyage through two decades of dancing. The event was marked by a series of celebrations through imaginative choreography and inspiring pieces from past and present. But, above all, the night was swamped with emotions and nostalgic heartbeats… Films portraying students dancing in 1990 were shown on screen while the same group of dancers simultaneously appeared live on stage and simply became one with the 20-year old video. The anniversary festivities culminated in a captivating performance by the Motion Art Studio family. A group of dancers, instructors and administrators, clad in ‘I Motion Art… You?’ T-shirts danced away to the groovy ‘We no speak Americano’ tunes. An enthusiastic standing ovation and cheering echoed throughout the audience as the euphoric crowd sang away Pa pa l' Americano..!